Vero Beach Divorce Attorney

Vero Beach Divorce Attorney

Understanding Vero Beach Divorce Attorney Helps You during Difficult Times

Divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. Even if the household was in turmoil and there is relief that comes with the decision to divorce, there is also sadness. Hope for the future and of your family living under one roof is gone and you must find a new way to move forward.

Having an understanding and compassionate divorce attorney on your side can make this challenging time easier. An experienced divorce attorney is able to explain your options, help you assess your situation, and create priorities for ending your marriage.

Nobody wants his or her marriage to end, but when it does, you want it to end as best as possible.

Vero Beach Divorce Attorney Guides You through the Florida Divorce Process

Working with a divorce attorney who understands the laws affecting your situation makes the experience much easier.

If you are considering divorce or your spouse has approached you about ending your marriage, you likely have many questions. In addition to the emotional aspects of divorce, there are a number of practical matters to consider.

Where will you live? How will assets be divided? Who is responsible for what after the marriage is over and how can we continue to raise children when we are no longer in a romantic relationship?

An experienced Vero Beach divorce attorney can answer your questions and help you make decisions that are in the best interest of your family. How you deal with this transition can have long-term effects on your children and other family members, so it is important to get a jump on things and take an approach that is healthy and beneficial to all involved.

Contact a Vero Beach Divorce Attorney to Discuss Your Situation

George Metcalfe is an experienced marriage and family law attorney who can help you during one of the most difficult stages of your life.

He believes that in times of family crisis, personal attention and communication are priceless. He is committed to giving every client the attention he or she deserves and wants to teach clients what is most important in family court. This helps them achieve the best possible outcome and be able to objectively assess the costs, risks, and likely outcome of their circumstances.

George does not encourage litigation when he knows a settlement is the better option for a family. He is a capable and experienced litigator in court, but he knows that many families benefit from having matters settled in mediation or through other non-adversarial manners outside of the courtroom.

His philosophy: Why fight when there is a better way?

Out-of-court resolution is often more cost-effective and expeditious, and protects the family’s most vulnerable members. It puts couples in control of their outcome and the destiny of their families. Some divorces must be settled in the courtroom, but when this is not necessary, George is there to guide you through the process and help you transition your family in the best, most peaceful way possible.

For more information or to speak to someone about your impending divorce, contact George at 772-217-8120.