Firm in making our position clear

I am very satisfied with the advice and services Mr. Metcalfe provided me. He explained the process to me and he made sure I understood everything we faced in court. He was quite respected in the courtroom and was always professional and firm in making our position clear. I am grateful for his services and I highly recommend him to anyone needing a helpful and knowledgeable attorney.

Caitlynn Chapman, Vero Beach, Florida

Vero Beach Family Law Practice Established in 1988 in South Florida

Respected Colleagues

Passion to win, but has your interest at heart

George is beyond thorough, honest, and most importantly, kind. He cares like no other attorney I've ever met. He returned my call, himself mind you, immediately after filling out a consult form online. He has wonderful hours for working moms, and I was able to meet with him right away.  After chatting with him and discussing my particular case, he was spot on to what should have been done in the past and what needed to be done now for my son. I felt confident with him and his plan of action. He worked quickly and the outcome today was a win!   Sometimes we can't speak clearly for ourselves, or we don't know the laws and all the rules to have that judge really listen to us. Attorneys are not cheap, but I took a leap with George and trusted him. He's truly amazing at what he does and not only has that passion to win, but has your best interest at heart throughout the entire process. Thank you so much!!!

Kelly Isgette, Vero Beach, Florida

Thoughtful, strategic and ethical lawyer

George Metcalfe is a thoughtful, strategic and ethical lawyer. Attorney Metcalfe represented a close family member and kept him well informed of all aspects of his case. He was never too busy to ensure that both the law and the practical matters of the litigation were explained and understood. He was able to explain complex legal matters in clear and unambiguous layman's terms. I have the world of respect for George. I am proud to considered him my friend.

Debra Fromang     Vero Beach, Florida


George was a great lawyer.  He guided me through the horrendous divorce process.  He was available and supportive at all times.  He had integrity and had my goals in mind when planning strategy.  I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Betsy Baker, Vero Beach

(772) 217-8120




Marital and Family Law

​Appellate Practice​ and Civil Practice and Taxation






As an attorney who practives in the same area of law, I can say Mr. Metcalfe is knowledgeable, professional and prepared.  He cares about his clients and uses his knowledge and skills to get them an appropriate outcome, customized  for their particular desires.

Attorney A.J. Rohe - Florida Family Lawyer

Takes the time to get to know you

George is a great guy to have in your corner during the stressful time of a divorce.  He is very knowledgeable and takes the    time to get to know you and proceed in a way that is confidential and respectful of your situation. I was very comfortable  talking    with George and very happy with the outcome.

 Dave Fuchs   Sebastian, Florida

Leaves no stone unturned​

George is an excellent attorney who has many years of legal experience. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law and the rules of procedure; he has excellent trial skills. Also, he is a passionate, very strong advocate for all his clients. He is thorough and always prepared. George leaves no stone unturned. He is my idea of the perfect lawyer that has it all and gives his all!!! I would recommend him highly for the most complex of cases and litigation. He can do it all!

Attorney Greer Wallace    Miami, Florida

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If George is your lawyer, he will have your back 100% .and if the other party has George as their lawyer buckle up and get ready. He is a great lawyer and you better have your ducks in a row.  

Amie Camp,  Winter Beach, Florida

Calming and comforting

George was calming and comforting in a stressful situation.  Her responds quickly and has years of experience. I felt I was in good hands. Thank you!.

Aimee Gregory   Vero Beach, Florida



2770 Indian River Boulevard, S-336

Vero Beach, Florida 32960

(772) 217-8120




Highly recommended for family law

 We called George a few months back with a "somewhat" complex parenting plan modification issue. Without knowing what the       outcome of our 'plans' would be, George took the reigns and was AMAZING every step of the way!   . . . The positive reviews were    the  only thing I knew about him. George has the amazing knowledge and charm . . .George did an amazing job with   communication and now Thanks to him, we have gotten the approval signed and filed with the courts to allow the children to take   this year long trip of a lifetime! George kept us from having to go court! He is an amazing lawyer, Very decently priced, and very   impressive!! It took a few months to get everything done, however, without him, I do not think it would have been possible.

 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR FAMILY LAW!!! Best I have had!! For me and my children.... 3rd time is a charm for us having him   George behind us, . . "

  Christina Peterson, Fort Pierce, Florida 

Sweetest person there is, but also very tough when need be

George Metcalfe is by far the best lawyer.  He talks to you like you are a human, and he doesn't act like he is better than you.  He is truly there to help you in everyway, shape and form.  Every time I would call he would answer and not rush to get off the phone until all my questions were answered. His passion about helping kids is indescribable, he saved my son. Sweetest person there is, but also very tough when need be.  I wouldn't use any other attorney.  Highly recommend.

Brandy Lucroy    Wildwood, Florida


Phenomenal job

George Metcalfe did a phenomenal job handling my case. His office not only achieved the desired outcome and more, but did so in an extremely professional, courteous and expedient manner. I am proud to refer him to my friends and family, If I am ever in need of his services again I will not hesitate to give him a call.

Steven Poe   Lake County, Florida

Attorney at law

​​Defines class, honesty, sincerity and fairness

George Metcalfe has been my friend for over 30 years when he was practicing law in Miami and Coral Gables.  George defines class, ethics, honesty, sincerity and fairness.  He has a skilled mind in civil law practice and family law.  He treats his clients with special care, respect and with insight into their highest needs. Without qualification, I give George the highest recommendation, and I confidently refer friends and other professionals to him. George’s clients get an insightful advocate with poise, class and professionalism.  

Edward D. Corboy, Jr., M.D., J.D. 
Chicago, IL.


Looked over a document with a fine tooth comb 

I moved to Vero Beach after escaping an abusive spouse. I reached out to George for legal advice pertaining to home ownership free of my ex.  We had a legal separation in NC but Florida does not acknowledge legal separations.  George looked over a document with a fine tooth comb and found several clauses that required my ex's cooperation in signing a . . . waiver so I could purchase a home,  George was easy to talk to, took plenty of time to explain things to me and left me feeling a sense of relief. . . . I am now a homeowner!  Thank you George!

Maria Caudle    Vero Beach, Florida

I picked the best of the best

Not being from Florida, I had no idea who to turn to when I was in need of a lawyer. Luckily, in my opinion, I picked the best of the best! George was there every step of the way and explained things to me in laymen terms; as this was my first time hiring a lawyer and also being very upset with the whole situation. Thanks for helping me and sticking it to my "ex" husbands family!!

Stacey Branstator   The Villages, Florida

Nothing but the best to speak about him

Mr. Metcalfe is the best lawyer in my opinion. I only have nothing but the best to speak about him. I will never forget getting to his office in Miami 12 years ago in desperate need to help me with my case. Speaking to him only made you feel at ease with everything. As the case when on he was not just a normal lawyer, at anytime I would call him panicking he would always' attend my call with all the patience in his voice and try to help me. Every time, I could have doubt we would win the case, I would be blown by his professionalism and specialties in my case. Every court room we would walked into everyone walked up to him with lots of respect and admiration. What Pride and Privilege it was for me to walk in with this person representing me. At the same time I will never forget all the tears and fearful moments I had and he was there to say "Don't worry it will be alright". Today, my daughter is 13 and thanks to him and everything he helped me with in my case. Everything is Alright like he would tell me 12 years ago. Mr. Metcalfe was an Angel sent to me and my family at that moment. And I have joined the rest of everyone I met once and I proudly speak to everyone about him until this very day. These are just little words I can say about him. Because what me and my family have in our hearts for Mr. Metcalfe is way more then words can express,with all the appreciation we have for him. May God continue to Bless Mr. Metcalfe to continue to be the amazing person he his and continue to help many more people like he helped me. Thank you Mr. Metcalfe.

Veronica Manga  Miami, Florida


He listened to me and heard what I was saying when others hadn't

Mr. Metcalfe was referred to me by an acquaintance. I was unsure of him as I am skeptical regarding attorneys and their inabilities to produce from past history. However, George stepped up to the plate and he hit a homerun! He took on my case. He listened to me and heard what I was saying when others hadn't or wouldn't. He managed to help me when others couldn't. He personally invests of himself in every case no matter how big or small. He even worked from his hospital bed! I'm forever grateful to him.

Katie Gerencser   Ocala, Florida

Easy to talk to

​ I am mo​re than satisfied with Mr. Metcalfe!  I have been putting off having a will done for several years.  He was very  professional but     also easy to talk to and explained everything step by step.  A very nice guy!   Thank you George Metcalfe!

​  Ruth Brooks  (d. 2020)


Mr. Metcalfe helped me through one of the hardest times of my life.  going through a divorce was stressful, sad and extremely overwhellming but everytime I would meet with Mr. Metcalfe, my tensions would ease.  He was always very confident and calm and helped me to remain focused and positive.  He made a scary and stressful situation much easier with his positive demeanor.

H.O.  Vero Beach

Unflappable, savvy, professional, kind and accessible

I can say without hesitation that I was truly fortunate to have had George Metcalfe as my divorce attorney. At every point of contact, he proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable, timely, thorough, proactive, and accessible.  He was also unflappable, savvy, professional, kind and accessible.  Yes, I know I said accessible twice, as it bears repeating!  I am not especially affluent or influential, but George always treated me like I was his most important client. 

Karen Boggs   Vero Beach

Vero Beach Divorce Lawyer advises: ​​What's Important in Marital and Family Law “In times of family crisis, personal attention and communication are priceless.”
        Client opinions matter and Vero Beach Divorce Attorney George Metcalfe is committed to giving each client the attention that he or she deserves.   New clients will see their phone calls are returned personally and promptly as George devotes time to teaching clients what is important in family court and to directing efforts that achieve the best outcome.  Together, the client and attorney are able to weigh
the risks, costs and likely outcome.

         The firm does not encourage litigation when a settlement can be achieved, but it will not recommend settling a case if such
settlement provides unfair results to the client.  Although he is a capable and experienced litigator in court, George’s first effort is to settle matters in mediation and in non-adversarial manners.   Reaching resolution in a cost-effective and expeditious manner is more important than harmful and expensive trials where the client’s future is determined solely by a judge.  Winning and losing in trials to George is based more on the client, including consideration of cost, stress, future ramifications and satisfaction for the client.  Not considering personal ramifications of decisions during divorce is costly.  Less eventful matters of family law help the whole family heal and encourages resolution in a private office, not in a public arena.



* * * * *


​​ While an attorney myself, I needed the services of an attorney specializing in Family Law matters. Quite by accident, I came      across the name George l. Metcalfe.  From there things only got better.  George was more than attentive to my concerns. He     was always there when I had a question. He was punctual, friendly and fair in his billing.  If you want someone you can trust,     call Mr. Metcalfe.

Dean S. Bress, Esquire    
Florida Lawyer and Client 

Prince Amongst Lawyers

There arent enough words in the dictionary to express my thanks for George's kindness and thoughtfulness. He's a prince amongst lawyers.

Attorney Mary Elizabeth Fitzgibbons  Mount Dora, Florida






Very professional

George Metcalfe gave me great confidences in all my cases he has assisted me with and is very professional. I've felt absolutely comfortable and know I can put all my trust into him.  He has put tons of hours into my cases and cares about them like I do.  He helped me relocate out of state when the chances of that happening were very slim.  Now only that, he has helped me with the appeal and post decision motions and has always came through for me.  I cant emphasize how great George has been to me and how I appreciate him.  He is the most loyal and intelligent lawyer I have ever hired yet and I cant thank him enough for all he has done for me and my child's future!

​Tera Russo   Texas


    Compassionate and took time to listen

I highly recommend George Metcalfe.   My friend recommended George Metcalfe to provide guidance and emotional support.  He guided me through legal steps, he provided counseling like a psychotherapist, he was compassionate and genuinely took the time to listen and suggest ways to take care of myself, he provided safety information, and most importantly, he was available by text or phone anytime that I had questions or needed guidance.  His response time was immediate and if he was with a client he would get back to me as soon as possible.  If you are well known in your community, then it is important to be able to go a little distance for privacy. Overall, I highly recommend George Metcalfe if you are considering a divorce.

 Pam,  Vero Beach

Takes the Extra Step​

I have known George for many years.  He is extremely patient and diligent, and definitely takes the extra step to get things accomplished.

Dr. Vanessa Archer, Ph.D.   Clinical Psychologist 

Coral Gables, Florida

Keeps in touch

 George Metcalfe is a phenomenal lawyer, I was introduced to him from a friend of mine who used George for his divorce. I   explained what I wanted in my divorce and he was able to get me exactly what I wanted. I couldn't have asked for a better   person to go to battle with. If you ask me me he is the best at what he does and does it like no other lawyer and keeps in   touch with you every step of the way. Highly recommended to everyone who needs a phenomenal lawyer. Thanks again   George for all of your hard work.

 Branden Holloway  Lake County, Florida

We give George a 5 and would give him an extra 5

 In my many years of working as a child advocate, parent and foster parent, I have NEVER found an attorney who is as   giving, loving, honest and hard working for children.  He is absolutely the best.  George flew from FL to NC in the morning   and back in the evening just to verify information on a child.  Many thanks and much love to him.  We need more attorneys   with a heart and conscience.

Donna Ferrell Gill   Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Utmost interest in legal success of clients​

Mr. Metcalfe is a superb attorney with the utmost interest in the legal success of his clients. I recommend him unconditionally.

​Attorney Raul G. Ordonez, Miami, Florida

Extraordinary lawyer . . .very astute, an excellent communicator and knows the law

​"George Metcalfe is not only a great lawyer, he is a very special person and is an extraordinary lawyer. He's a great listener, very astute, an excellent communicator, and knows the law. The quality of his advice helped me successfully win in two legal issues I was facing. It was so empowering to know the law from an attorney who provides wise legal advice. I will always be in awe of George, and grateful to him for being the best lawyer I've ever had the pleasure to know."

Lisa Jeffrey  Miami, Florida

​Call  ​(772) 217-8120

"Handled them promptly, professionally and efficiently"

It gives me great pleasure to write this review for the Law Offices of George Metcalfe, Sr.  Mr. Metcalfe has, over the years, handled several legal matters for us, both personally and corporately.  He always handled them promptly, professionally and efficiently.  Unlike the majority of attorneys, Mr. Metcalfe returns telephone calls and answers emails promptly, which is a true testimony to his efficiency.   I would highly recommend him for Family, Civil and Tax Laws, you'll be glad you did.

Count David J. Gagnon

​​​  "Gift to read and comprehend very complicated situations,

break them down quickly, and simplify them"

Sometimes individuals come into your life at a moment when you need them most.  George picked up my call on the   first ring, and from that point on I felt as if he was a gift. 

I can’t say enough about how valuable he is and the effort he puts out to ensure your pathway leads to justice. I was in a horrible situation and severely out-gunned by my opponent.  However, George was relentless in pushing back, staying on top of the narrative, and seamlessly lead us to a settlement on fair terms. 

George is responsive, mindful, and direct. He has a gift to read and comprehend very complicated situations, break them down quickly, and simplify them so you can understand and make good decisions.  

He is efficient and will not waste time, especially yours. He always allowed me to express my concerns and consider all options.  I could not have made it through this very difficult period without Him and his team.  I knew I could call on him at any moment and he would be there. Thank you GLM. 

​​Patrick T.,   Vero Beach, Florida

  • Florida Bar Member since 1988
  • Martindale Hubbell Rated:  Very High Legal Ability and Very High Ethical Standards
  • Admitted to U.S. District Court for Southern District of Florida
  • Admitted to U.S. Tax Court
  • Graduate Tax Program, University of Florida Frederic G. Levin College of Law
  • J.D.  St. Thomas University  School of Law
  • M.A.  Speech Communication,  University of Miami
  • M.B.A.  University of Miami School of  Business
  • B.B.A.   University of Miami School of Business
  • Family Law Section, Florida Bar
  • Appellate Section, Florida Bar
  • ​Tax Law Section, Florida Bar
  • Former Partner, Metcalfe & Metcalfe 
  • Former Senior District XI Counsel to the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services
  • Associate, Peters, Pickle, Niemoeller, Robertson, Lax and Parsons
  • Clerkship, United States Attorney's Office, Southern District of Florida 
  • ​Member, Indian River County Bar Association
  • ​Member, St. Lucie County Bar Association
  • Member, Marion County Bar Association
  • ​Member, Florida Supreme Court Historical Society
  • Founder, Legal Clinic at Rupert J. Smith Law Library 
  • ​Director and Vice President, Friends of the Rupert J. Smith Law Library, St. Lucie County, Florida
  • Member, Committee for Public Legal Education of the Rupert J. Smith Law Library, St. Lucie County, Florida
  • ​Recipient, Pro Bono Publico Award from Florida Rural Legal Services for public service